THE PERFECTS Property Sign

As I envisioned this property sign, my mind was deeply immersed in the ethos of my BIG LAWN project, a project fueled by a profound commitment to nurturing self-love and advocating environmental stewardship.

It strikes me as ironic that, despite my background in gardening and professional landscaping, I find myself grappling with the concept of lawn care—a pursuit necessitated by basic needs such as shelter, sustenance, and health. The allure of a meticulously trimmed, emerald-green lawn often seems intertwined with societal constructs and notions of status, prompting me to question the validity of such superficial expectations. Indeed, pursuing a pristine lawn can sometimes feel like an exercise in ego, rooted in societal pressures and self-imposed standards of perfection.

Society's relentless pursuit of perfection can stem from many influences, including cultural norms and media portrayals. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that imperfection is an inherent human condition. Embracing our flaws and learning from our mistakes fosters personal growth and resilience. Cultivating a culture of empathy and acceptance allows us to celebrate our differences and forge deeper connections.

THE PERFECTS (property sign) 2023

collaboration with artist/woodworker Juke Jenkens / In Bloom Studio

Baltic Birch plywood (all parts), acrylic medium, flat lacquer

CNC-routed and laser-etched

Sign: 28 by 24 by 3.5-inches

Base: 12 by 12 by 1.5-inches

​Edition 1 of 2. Edition 2 - one month fabrication