John DeFaro

From the press release: ONE GOOD PAINTING / 2010


MIAMI - One good painting. One, Is that success? Is it success worth working a lifetime for? 

The question has been teasing Miami and New York artist John DeFaro for 15 years since he 

first heard a young artist say "If I can create one good painting in my lifetime, I'll be happy."

With "One Good Painting," DeFaro probes basic and elementary questions of art: What elevates art? What makes it, in a word, good? Is one gaze, one set of criteria, more valid than another? Is it incumbent upon the viewer to notice the depth and rawness of creation, or is it the artist's job to make it explicit?

An artist, says DeFaro, is tasked with ambushing the psyche - provoking the viewer, amusing, and communicating. With this current work, DeFaro unequivocally challenges established notions of art. The artwork, a limited edition canvas transfer is simplistic. The artwork is profound. The artwork is but three words. What do they say? What do they say to another person?

The artist has drawn inspiration from global sources. Frutiger, a font used on Swiss traffic signs since 2003, impressed DeFaro with its punch and ease. The font in 'One Good Painting" is a variation on Frutiger. The dimension of the piece is an homage to William Merritt Chase's "The Bayberry Bush," one of the first paintings DeFaro determined to be good as a young artist visiting the Parrish Art Museum in his hometown of Southampton, New York.

With these inspirations at hand, and the desire to communicate meeting in the middle to enjoy life as art and borderless opportunity, "One Good Painting" arose quickly and organically and has been provoking conversation ever since.

"One Good Painting" will debut during Art Basel week The Miami Independent Thinkers 'Miami's It' art fair at Casa Wynwood in Miami's Wynwood arts district.