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John DeFaro

Twenty years ago, I secured the domain name, and now the moment has arrived to bring this

enterprise Green ReligionTM and online destination to life. I am prepared to broaden this vision with purpose, embracing and nurturing environmental awareness of the natural world through art and education. My Green art projects embody eco-spirituality, enhancing personal identity, environmental advocacy, and empowerment. These initiatives are intricately connected to the sacredness of the earth, reinforcing the understanding that our survival is not an exception but a shared experience, binding us together in a typical journey.

​John DeFaro 2023 and Green Religion TM

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John with painting  Lawn Scars 55 Main Street. 2023

artwork: latex paint, dried Royal Poinciana seedpod skin, human hair,

dimensional acrylic, on cotton canvas.

9 by 12 by 1.5 inches. 

Photographer: Frank Casale

The Ecological Footprint is the only metric that measures how much nature we have and how much nature we use.