John DeFaro is a versatile American artist and designer, engaging in a multitude of disciplines including painting, sculpture, print, installation, performance, and community building. Beyond his artistic pursuits, he is a dedicated art director, gardener, activist, and naturalist, contributing to a rich and diverse career.

His artistic journey was profoundly influenced by early connections with esteemed artists such as Jane Wilson, Roy Lichtenstein, and Nabil Nahas in the Hamptons, NY. These interactions, along with collaborations with other notable creators in Eastern Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area, have played a pivotal role in shaping John's visual art practice. His commitment to various forms of artistic expression is complemented by a deep connection to nature and a passion for community engagement. John's multidisciplinary approach reflects a synthesis of influences that resonate throughout his work.

In his mid-20s, John worked as an assistant for Henry Geldzahler, a prominent curator and art advocate. Henry was renowned for having immersed himself in the contemporary art scene in NYC during the '60s through the '80s.

Transitioning from this role, John explored early American furniture design, gaining recognition from major design companies. For five years, he created original home furnishings designs for Lexington Home Brands, launching a licensed collection under his birth name, DeCristofaro. The collection was produced from 1993 to 1997.

While living in Water Mill, NY, John expanded his artistic endeavors, creating sculptural works in metal and wood and developing drawings inspired by nature. Later, he moved to Miami, where he studied at the Miami Ad School, interned in Amsterdam, and developed limited edition artwork gift items for organizations such as Miami Children's Hospital and Food for Life Network.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, John is an active advocate for HIV/AIDS and the environment, leveraging art and activism as powerful tools to foster community, healing, and human connection. His commitment to these causes extends beyond the confines of his artistic endeavors, reflecting a deep-seated dedication to creating positive change.

In addition to his advocacy work, John owns, a platform that likely serves as a hub for his environmental initiatives and reflections. Through this platform, he continues to contribute to the discourse on environmental consciousness and sustainability, further exemplifying his holistic approach to both art and advocacy.

John has held various roles, including Executive Assistant for Tigertail Productions, lead assistant for special projects at Art Conservators LAB, LLC, Cafe Manager and Artistic Director of Art Exhibitions for Books & Books in Coconut Grove, and, more recently, as the lead part-time gardener for Heal the Planet's gardens at Snyder Park, Fort Lauderdale, starting from December 2022.

In 2015, John earned recognition when he was selected by curator Carol Jazzar to participate in the exhibit "Into the Wild" at the Miami-Dade Kendall Campus Gallery. The following year, in 2014, his wall sculpture was featured in the Boca Raton Museum's 63rd Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition.

In 2012, John's artistic contributions reached new heights with the installation titled 'Trawler,' showcased at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, FL. During the same year, his wall assemblage 'Who is Next' not only received acclaim but was also honored with the Artist Choice Award at the Common Roots exhibit hosted at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. This dual recognition further solidified John's standing as an artist capable of creating impactful and award-winning pieces that resonate with both critics and the public alike.

One of his most recent exhibitions, 'Green Paintings,' and the accompanying performance piece 'Sew Me' with dancer/choreographer Niurca Marquez, unfolded at the Feria Clandestina Art Fair during Art Basel Week in Miami 2024. This showcase not only reflected John's evolving artistic vision but also demonstrated his ability to engage audiences through a multi-sensory experience.


John DeFaro BIO

​​John DeFaro. Photographers: Nicole Combeau and Trevor Owens

John DeFaro